Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Thanks for the help ... now get the @#$! out!

We come to the aid of those affected by the devastating tsunami to the tune of $350 million and now we're told to leave the area in 90 days? That's appreciation for you ...

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


It's not all bad news (as the mass media would have us believe) in Iraq. Amidst all the bombings and death we most certainly ARE making progress and our strength and perseverance is proving effective in numerous ways. Sure, there are still many obstacles to overcome and terrorists to pacify ... but our armed forces need their victories covered as much (if not more) than the defeats. Following is a recent victory:

News: Troops Uncover Bomb Factory, Terrorist Cell
Defend America | 01/11/04 | U.S. Army Spc. Al Barrus

AL RASHID, Baghdad, Iraq, Jan. 11, 2005 — On Jan. 9, the soldiers of Blue Platoon, Company B, 1st Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 5th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, embarked on a raid that proved to be their most successful in 10 months here.

The target was a residential home in the Al Doura neighborhood. An informant told of the exact layout of the home, and he was right on the money. After thorough searching, the site yielded 23 artillery shells, wire and electrical triggers and other supplies that could be assembled into more than 50 improvised explosive devices, said 1st Lt. Matthew Sullivan, Blue Platoon leader.

Thanks to the intelligence source, Sullivan’s platoon knew exactly what to expect when entering the house. A warm welcome wasn’t included.

“We busted in the house and there were two guys who were in there. One just took off running right as we kicked down the door,” said Sullivan, a Chattanooga, Tenn., native. “He managed to escape through the back door and scaled a wall then ran through another house. His brother was in the house also, but we got him.”

After all suspects were detained, the search of the home began. Nothing could prepare these troops for what they would find.

“I checked all but one room and didn’t see anything, and then I had some of my guys go upstairs to do some searching,” Sullivan explained. “Right when they opened up they said, ‘Oh, sir, you have to check this out.’ The room was just an IED workshop. All over the floor were wires, batteries and containers full of plastic explosives. There was even an IED already to go.”

“We have been tracking these guys for a month and a half so far. They are linked to some IEDs that have hit our company. I think this will make the number of IED attacks in our sector fall drastically,” U.S. Army 1st Lt. Matthew Sullivan

Spc. Jason Nelson, a humvee gunner in Blue Platoon was among the first to enter the room with the IED workshop.

“I went into room, and I was just shocked by how much electrical stuff was in there laying on tables. I had never seen that much stuff,” commented Nelson, a Saukcentre, Minn., native. “By then, I already knew we made a big impact. I know having that out of those guys hands, it’s safer for us and for the Iraqis.”

At that point, Sullivan saw he had an operation too big for his platoon of 16 troopers to handle alone. Soon after his men discovered this workshop, the lieutenant called in for the explosives ordnance disposal team to deal with the bombs, and the battalion’s quick reaction force to apply more manpower.

When the rest of the backup arrived, more security could be applied, allowing for a more thorough search. Metal detector assistance found the artillery shells buried in the back yard. A taxi cab parked at the home had a wire-rigged assembly in the trunk that could perfectly fit six artillery shells, Sullivan added.

Over the seven hours of searching, the list of suspicious items kept adding up: several handfuls of C4 explosives, bags of nails and marbles for shrapnel, tear gas grenades and gas masks, dozens of disassembled remote control cars, 30 cell phones, 50 Sony Playstations. A beret and armband from the former regime’s Special Forces provided a clue as to who these terrorists’ former employer was, Sullivan said.

In all, the target was the most fruitful cache of weapons for a home this size in the battalion’s history here. It was also a great victory in cracking down on the source of anti-Iraqi attacks in Company B’s sector, he said.

“We have been tracking these guys for a month and a half so far. They are linked to some IEDs that have hit our company,” Sullivan continued. “I think this will make the number of IED attacks in our sector fall drastically.”

Sullivan said that this operation not only helped keep his troops safe, but put an end to what the terrorists had planned on doing for the elections.

"We heard they were planning to hit a Christian church with their car bomb and just disrupt things before the elections, but we put a kink in that,” he said. “Now we just need to find the rest of members of the cell one by one, and who’s financing them.”

The platoon leader said it’s missions like this one that remind him of why he enjoys leading troops in combat.

“It’s been a great experience doing this job. I can’t ask for anything more than to lead a platoon in combat,” Sullivan concluded. “It’s kind of a rush sometimes. It’s been something I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”

Monday, January 10, 2005

Technical difficulties ...

Finally! I haven't been able to log on all day to post. Seems the cable is acting up and it's supposed to be fixed soon. Had to McGyver myself a connection but it's unreliable so I'm not going to spend too much time on here right now but I will say the following:

CBS (and Dan Rather) seem to be getting a free ride with the conclusion of the investigation into that "Memogate" scandal. Sure a few people have been fired but Rather is STILL claiming the authenticity of those forged documents and he wasn't one of the ones fired. We can't let them get away with this. I, for one, sure won't. Neither will the great Hugh Hewitt. Head on over to where he goes into great detail about this new whitewashing of the facts.

Friday, January 07, 2005


157,000 new jobs created in December.
Unemployment rate not rising.
Home ownership still at record high levels.

Man, what a horrible economy!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Better than fiction ...

While waiting in line at the local Post Office wearing my Bush/Cheney t-shirt:

Guy in business suit behind me, about 50-ish - "Don't tell me you voted for that idiot."

Me - "Of course I did!"

Guy - "How could anyone put that guy in office again?"

Me - "Well, plenty of us saw it fit to do just that."

Guy - "This is a nation of brainwashed morons."

Lady behind the guy - "Hey! I voted for Bush, too! Don't you be calling me a moron!"

Guy - "I just don't understand you people at all."

Me - "So you voted for Kerry, then?"

Guy - "No. I decided to skip this election."

Lady - "Then that would make YOU the moron."

Me - "Yeah, really."

Guy - "I just don't understand you people. We have to take this country back!"

Me - "How? By not voting?"

Guy - "Oh, shut up! I would have voted if there had been someone worth voting for."

Me - "Well, then don't complain about the outcome."

It was then my turn at the counter and I left those two, still arguing amongst themselves. The Democrats are in DEEP trouble ...

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Back to business ...

Quite a few recent happenings that I'm having problems with. Good to see that the world doesn't stop spinning on its axis just because I take a few days off from blogging.Anyhow, here we go ...

Although our aid is now up to over $350 million we're STILL being called cheapskates by various factions. Cheapskates???? Give me a break! We're in the middle of a war, just had a few natural disasters of our own right here in the U.S. (Florida) which required aid as well, and we STILL can find it in ourselves to help out with THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS. That makes us cheap????

And that reminds me ... why is it that we always can come up with money for these types of situations yet the funds seem to be tapped out when it's time to properly equip our troops? How about the recent findings that some of our fallen soldiers can't get headstones because there are no funds available?

I'm as saddened and shocked as the next guy about the tsunami situation but I also happen to think that we're covering that disaster a little too much, know what I mean? Turn on the TV and EVERYONE is talking about this disaster, having seemingly forgotten that we're currently in a war.

I don't know. Maybe I've had too much time to think over these past days off but these things are seriously bothering me. Especially when you see pictures of people wearing Bin Laden t-shirts and being handed boxes of food by OUR troops.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Gone fishin'

Back in a few.